The Happy List: Vol. 02

by - 9:27 am

1. Having my precious ring back after getting it fixed. I had a mini heart attack when I almost lost its stone!
2. Sunday mass + worship at The Feast
3. New Pandora charms c/o the fiancé
4. Coffee dates + wedding planning sessions
5. Bridal fairs. It’s our second time to attend the fair and I love how hands on he is with our planning!
6. Early morning run.
7. My new white Starbucks planner. Thanks to my office mates for helping me collect stickers!
8. Making a major decision with my career. It’s a looong story but I’m happy I made the right decision.
9. Facebook chats with some good old friends, talking about our wedding preparations.
10. Hangouts messages + office selfies from the boyfriend (he still prefers to be called as "boyfriend" once in a while) before I go to sleep

I know, I talk about wedding stuff way too much nowadays but I can’t help it. It’s an every girl’s dream and I just can’t believe it is finally happening! My heart is filled with joy and I just can’t hide how excited I am for our big day. Things can get stressful with all the preparations and other wedding stuff but I’m very glad we handle it very well! A big thank you to my dearest fiancé for being a hands-on groom! It’s really a big help for me since we both work on weekdays and it’s hard for us to find time for the preparations.

How time flies. I can’t believe we’re on to second month of the year in five days! I’m excited and nervous! I’m praying that everything goes well for us. Can’t wait to share the details with you soon! :)

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  1. Good luck with all the wedding preps! It can get stressful, so take it easy! :D
    Happy hearts day!


    1. Thanks, Janelle! We're both hands on with wedding preparations so it's easier for us. Yes, it can get stressful but we're enjoying every bit of it!

      Happy Hearts day, too! <3