I'm Engaged!

by - 10:19 am

FINALLY, after more than 8 years, I’m now officially called a fiancé! I’m engaged, guys!!!

It’s been weeks since we officially announced our engagement but we're still on a high! Hay, I still can’t believe I’m typing this – sobrang overwhelming! Being in a relationship for more than 8 years, I always knew that Jaze is the man that I’m going to marry someday. I still remember the days when people would throw questions like, “Ang tagal niyo na, kalian ba kayo magpapakasal?” Well guys... it's finally happening!!! Everything feels surreal.

I'm not going to pretend I had no idea about the proposal. Jaze and I have been planning our future together for years now. It was our decision to make sure everything is well-planned, and that when this day comes, we can finally say that we're ready. It was just early this year when we decided to "officially" start our wedding preparations. During this time, there's no proposal yet. I know it may sound weird for some because we started first with the planning even without the "proposal" but to be honest, it's no biggie for me. I've always believed that God's timing is always perfect.

Then my birthday came.

Months before our birthdays, we have this tradition every year to go out on a date and try a new place or resto that we've never tried before. We ended up in Draft Greenbelt since it's nearby my office. After a long day at work, he surprised me with a bouquet of flowers. He's not a flower kind of guy tho but I really appreciate the effort. He can be a bit annoying sometimes but he never fails to spoil me. Haha

Everything seem to be perfect that night. We ordered our simple dinner, talked about how our day went, took some good selfies and caught up over a few drinks. Then out of nowhere, he finally gave me the ring. It wasn't a "grand" proposal that every girl would dream of but for me it was one of the best moments of my life. Nothing beats having a man who loves you for who you are and I wouldn't trade him for the world.  For me, it's all that matters. Thank you, my love, for making this day the best birthday ever. I love you.

To all our family and friends who have sent us messages, tweets and comments... MARAMING SALAMAT!!! Thank you for all the love since day one. We truly appreciate each and every one of you. We feel so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful people who love us dearly. THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Wait until the wedding day and your first morning as husband and wife - mas nakaka-overwhelm. You'll say "Kasal na tayo! Yehey!" x 100 :))=))

    1. We're both excited na nga eh. Can't wait for that day to come. HAAAYYY <3