The Happy List: Vol 01

by - 9:51 am

Here are the things that makes me happy lately:

  1. A day spent with my best friend, Niña, whom I haven’t seen for a year! She's currently based in Dubai and we only get to see each other every year. I super missed her!

  2. Planning our 8th year anniversary celebration

  3. Finally getting an Air Max 90 Infrared OG as his anniversary gift! He never fails to spoil me <3

  4. Getting my brows perfectly done by myself. Haha

  5. Hair compliments 

  6. Late night swimming at the condo

  7. Emails and commendations for a job well done at work. Yay!

  8. That feeling when you wake up in the morning and your whole body’s sore from last night’s workout. Definitely, my favorite kind of pain! Haha

  9. Sleeping in an AC room. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

  10. Having an iced coffee on a late afternoon (this one's my favorite!)

  11. Watching wedding videos. Always gets me teary eyed especially when the couple's very close to my heart.

  12. Love letters. This never gets old!

  13. An LTE connection from my iPhone

  14. Catching up with Jai (one of my college bffs) through Viber. Thank gahd for this app!

  15. Early morning phone calls from the boyfriend. Having opposite shifts is not an excuse, guys!

  16. Late night view from our condo. Oh, the city lights!

  17. Learning how to use Snapchat. Haha

  18. Weekends. This always makes me happy because it’s the only time Jaze and I can hang out and catch up!

  19. Seeing cheesy/mushy posts on my feed. That kilig feeling <3

  20. Finally having a major investment which I’m very excited about. I'm gonna share the details soon!!!

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